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At FOCUS Kingston we aim to grab your attention with our thought-provoking content. Our skilled staff of writers and journalists research and create exciting articles, opinion pieces and human interest stories in and around our Limestone City.

Our advertisements connect you with top notch professionals and businesses throughout the area.

We Are Environmentally Friendly

  • We deliver our magazines in cardboard boxes.
  • Our magazines are printed on FSC with 30% recycled paper.
  • Our magazines are recyclable with soy based ink.

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Launched December 2015
Print & Online Editions — SEO & Mobile Friendly
Published 6 Times/Year
Delivered by Canada Post
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  • 25 years and up age group
  • Income between $20,000-$90,000
  • 56% make between $20,000-$80,000
  • 28% families with children
  • 29% families without children
  • 43% are single

Our FOCUS is to keep you coming back for more!
FOCUS Kingston cares about our community! We are eco friendly!

Our Team

Cheryl Hiebert

Cheryl Hiebert
Health & Wellness

Michelle Deschenes

Michelle Deschenes
Ask Michelle & K-Town Foodie

Gail Paquette

Gail Paquette
Photographer & Layout Designer

Tammy Watson

Tammy Watson
Canadian Handywoman

Designer Ena D

Ena Drakich
Website Designer